Jailed: Carer who fleeced pensioner out of £54,000 to pay for gastric band op

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Jailed: Carer who fleeced pensioner out of £54,000 to pay for gastric band op

Post  chrissie on Wed 04 May 2016, 12:58 pm

What a terrible story:


A carer who fleeced a pensioner with dementia out of her £54,000 life savings to pay for a gastric band operation has been jailed for 32 months.

Maria McCalla, 31, withdrew more than £38,000 from 82-year-old Vera Haselden’s account, and convinced the pensioner to sign cheques to her for £10,000 and £6,000.

The single mother, from Wembley, spent the money on the operation and her children’s school fees as well as an X-Box games console and clothes.

Harrow crown court was told that McCalla had been Miss Haselden’s carer for two months when she started the fraud, in June 2014. She had huge debts on 17 credit cards and the pensioner had offered to lend her £16,000.

“The consequences for Miss Haselden have been enormous because she lived in fear of entering a care home and the whole point of employing you was so she could stay at home,” he said.

“She now has no capital and as a consequence has gone into a care home.

“She told the police she feels like she is in a prison, ending up where she did not want to be.”

McCalla, who has children aged six and 11, blamed her money woes on depression and gambling. She was also ordered to pay £500 costs.

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