The Mystery of Corrie McKeague

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Re: The Mystery of Corrie McKeague

Post  chirpyinsect on Sun 06 Aug 2017, 7:17 am

[quote="TheTruthWillOut"]Some interesting things said in this latest post from Nicola (though I'll await to see what, if anything, Dad has to say)

The 2 circumstantial points of Corrie's phone traveling half the distance the BIFFA bin lorry took that night

Say what? What is meant by half the distance!? We have been told the phone followed roughly the Biffa lorry to Mildenhall and it remained on the mobile mast around there (fiveways R/about micro mast) until the phone went dead at ~08:00.

There is definitely more to this though as Police have since stated the Biffa bin lorry made many more pickups in Ely and other areas in Cambridge and Suffolk. This raises many red flags for me[quote]

If his phone was in the bin lorry, having been in C's possession after he himself was tipped from the bin, why did the phone not ping masts further along the route? If it somehow left the lorry around BM mast area, how did it get out?
Either the route is coincidental and the phone wasn't in the lorry, or it was in the cab and was dumped by the driver or taken by its owner who had cadged a lift that far or it stopped working at Mildenhall so wasn't able to ping masts further along, but clung on to the mast there because it was the last mast that received a signal.

Everything I write is my own opinion. Nothing stated as fact.

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Re: The Mystery of Corrie McKeague

Post  TheTruthWillOut on Sun 06 Aug 2017, 10:18 am

Exactly, Chirpy. The most recent revelations about the additional pickups the bin lorry did is so perplexing without a lot more info that the Police just aren't prepared to give out. Which is odd for a self inflicted accident/misadventure. IIRC the Police have a proviso in place about the phone possibly not being in Corrie's possession from at least him sitting in the Hughes doorway?

Like the McCann and Needham cases, I think we could add this case to the what the hell really happened list.....

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Re: The Mystery of Corrie McKeague

Post  PMR on Tue 08 Aug 2017, 6:56 pm
Some comments here from a police perspective and also many mentions of a favourite couple of ours

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