One to watch? Inside the Freemasons

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One to watch? Inside the Freemasons

Post  candyfloss on Thu 13 Apr 2017, 9:04 pm

On SKY1 on Mondays at 8pm

As Freemasonry celebrates its 300th anniversary, the secret institution opens its doors for the first time.

Inside the Freemasons

Series 1-Episode 1

Monday 8pm - 9pm Sky 1

by David Butcher
Sky1 isn’t known for its behind-closed-doors series, but this is a beautifully worked piece of observational TV. It’s one of those programmes that really does have the thing that press blurbs always claim – “unprecedented access” – in this case to the wood-panelled rooms and odd rituals of Freemasons.

Masons may, underneath it all, be a sinister cabal of insiders rolling up their trouser legs to rule Britain in secret but if so, they do a [italics] very [italics] good impression in this series of being nothing of the kind – more a club where pleasantly grey businessmen mingle and dress up.

In one good scene, Tony – a regional business manager and top mason in Nottingham – shows us the model racing cars he keeps in his loft, all pristine in their boxes. Somehow, it speaks volumes.


Documentary about the fraternal society, with cameras entering the United Grand Lodge of England for the first time to reveal what goes on behind closed doors. The first edition follows 40-year-old Bedfordshire farmer James Wootton as he prepares for a secret initiation ritual, while Worshipful Brother Anthony Henderson is getting ready for the ceremony that will elevate him to the highest rank in his county.



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