Dianne Webster's Rog.

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Re: Dianne Webster's Rog.

Post  Guest on Fri 24 Apr 2015, 8:24 am

4078 “Yeah, and the night when they were sleeping, did anybody try to wake them? Other than it being noisy and they were moved.”
Reply “No, no I mean err when they, when they were brought up to our apartment err they had a sort of blanket over them and they were asleep on err I think it was David and Fiona that carried them up and they were just sleeping on their shoulder and obviously didn’t want to wake them up because the cots were being brought up and they were put, put, but you know my, my feeling is that they, I think a child normally would haven woken up under the circumstances.”

Note my highlighted in red,why would tannerman be carrying a child different to this,but smithman was?
Sorry off topic but it stood out.


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Re: Dianne Webster's Rog.

Post  mumof6 on Mon 03 Apr 2017, 2:43 pm

I have just read this, and the mention of the super-inaudible stood out.

I wonder what super-inaudible would leave her frustrated, and resentful, at not being able to speak out?

It might well explain why not one of the friends has been able to speak out.

On another note, I had always assumed that the police asked questions, and the person being interviewed would then do the talking. In this interview it feels almost like the interviewer is leading the witness, with long questions that require a yes/no answer. If the witness were to be elderly, with possible memory issues, that could mean the witness could well have forgotten the start of the question!

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