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Steve Allen LBC

Post  Bampots on Fri 27 Mar 2015, 9:53 pm

Extracts from LBC

Steve Allen LBC 27th March 2015

Pete says one person arrested every day for leaving their children alone. Yes Nick Ferrari programme was going to be doing this this morning, or the Nick Ferrari programme with Andrew Pearce. It's interesting because I wonder whether or not he will be bringing up the fact that the McCanns left three children, three children, and so over here the Police prosecute one woman who left her child outside a pharmacy whilst she went into pick up a prescription, came back out and was questioned about it, there was one woman who they were going to talk to this morning who says that she was terrified to leave her child alone for years and years, she waited until she got to 13 and I would come back to the McCanns, they have left children home alone in a foreign country in a strange bedroom where you know they would not know anything just little children so over here you get prosecuted over there nobody cares about it, it doesn't seem to work really does it.

LBC James O'Brien 27th March 2015

Grant - I have got four children James, my eldest is now off to University in September but at one point we had all under four years old and one holiday family holiday we went down to Cornwall, a place called ..... great place, my youngest was two, my eldest six, and we went to dinner within the confines of the complex where we were and we left all four in a a room with a baby listening service. I had no issue with that and then a few years later...

James - No why would you.

Grant - I didn't, - a few years later we had the tragic incident with Madeleine McCann and what then happened was public opinion reshaped my whole thinking on the matter and I became a paranoid freak thinking almost lambasting myself for what I had done years prior.

James - Really, retrospective lambastation.

Grant - Yes, you can pay good money for that in certain places in London.

James - ha ha ha

Grant - but on that point I did reshape my thinking now I am no longer in a position with kids between the ages of 14 to 18 to think that way but a little paranoia has stayed with me and there are occasions when I think about those moments thinking how the hell could I have done that.

James - well you had a baby listening service and you were on the premises I don't think you did anything wrong.

Grant - yes but if you cast your mind back to Portugal the parents would use the same argument which you used earlier about going to see your pals two doors down that they were within reaching distance.

James - yes but the children were not old enough to use a phone and listen I don't want to turn it into a McCann phone in because as we discovered last year... no I know you are not doing that but I have dealt with, I have done my fruit cake quotation for today talking about foie gras and prisoners in the first hour I can't be dealing with another er attack of killer tomatoes this hour. Point is the things you describe didn't apply to the situation in Portugal

Grant - no correct but the point I am trying to make my over arching point is that your thinking can be defined by public opinion.

James - your psychology can be shifted irrationally but it doesn't actually make the shift any less profound and I am sure you are right that the particular case, that particular heartbreaking case was responsible for an awful... I mean most decent people responded to it by going there but for the grace of God go I but there were people I just referred to perhaps unfairly as the killer tomatoes that responded to it those disgusting parents, they deserve, or they should burn in hell for what they have done and the reason I am uncomfortable going back in to that territory is because of the lady that was unmasked as one of the trolls to Kate and Gerry McCann and ended up, I don't know how you would describe this, whether through shame or embarrassment taking her own life when she was affectively invited to publically put her name to what she was quite happy to do anonymously on social media.

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Re: Steve Allen LBC

Post  candyfloss on Fri 27 Mar 2015, 10:03 pm

Thank you, although Cherry has already posted it in Home alone thread Bampots, so will lock this.


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