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January 29
Companies House accounts show nearly £2 million was raised for the official
fund to find Madeleine in the first 10 months after she went missing.
May 1
McCanns release age-progressed images of how Maddie may look age six.
Investigators working for the McCanns attempt to question a British
paedophile, Raymond Hewlett. He denies involvement, declines to speak to
them, and dies of cancer in December.
May 3
The second anniversary of Madeleine’s disappearance.
May 23
Goncalo Amaral is convicted of perjury and receives an 18-month suspended
sentence in relation to the investigation of eight-year-old Portuguese girl
Joana Cipriano, who disappered from Figuera (seven miles from Praia da Luz),
in 2004.
Joana’s body was never found, and no murder weapon was identified. Her mother,
Leonor Cipriano, launched a campaign to find her daughter, but she and her
brother were convicted of murder after confessing to the killing.
The mother retracted her confession, saying she had been beaten by police; the
police accounted for bruising on her face and body by saying she had thrown
herself down stairs in the police station. Amaral was not present when the
beating is alleged to have taken place, but was accused of covering up for
August 7
Dave Edgar, a retired detective working for the McCanns, releases an e-fit of
a woman said to have asked two British men in Barcelona, Spain, shortly
after the disappearance, whether they were there to deliver her new
September 9
McCanns begin libel action against Amaral and gain an injunction against his
book, The Truth of the Lie.
October 10
The Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet publishes a photograph of a girl, seen in
Sweden, who looks like Madeleine. The photographer claims the girl only
spoke English, and was accompanied by a man who spoke Swedish.
November 3
A one-minute video message – produced in seven languages – is launched by
Britain’s Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre, showing new
images of how Madeleine might look more than two years older.

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