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FORUM RULES Canstock18982577


Any posts that admin/mods think may be libellous will be deleted. Any accusations against people will be deleted. We need to remember people are innocent until proved guilty. If the person persists in doing this then they will be warned and banned on the third warning.

2. Attacking members not allowed.....attack the post not the poster. No personal comments allowed, whether when posting about Madeleine or her family, or about any member of this forum.

3. Disruption of any kinds will not be tolerated.  Racist or sexists posts or pornographic material either pictures or posts not allowed.  Spamming not allowed.

4. Anything members say in private should stay private, therefore anyone posting or repeating what was in a pm will be instantly banned, unless they have the permission of the person to do so. Private information is not allowed to be posted. Outing of people is not allowed.

5. Mods/admin reserve the right to delete or edit any posts which are inappropriate without warning or reason.

6. Bad language is not allowed and will be deleted and a warning issued.

7. Multiple ID's/user accounts are not allowed.

8. Please do not state things as fact if they are not and you do not have a link to back up your statement. Also, make sure you state it is your opinion when 'purporting' theories.



FORUM RULES Canstock28879081

Opinions expressed on this forum are those of the authors of the posts concerned. They do not necessarily represent the views of the 'Madeleine McCann Disappearance 'owners or administrators


1) Posts by users of the site are not edited or scrutinized before appearing online
2) The forum owner does not purport to vouch for the authenticity or veracity of any statements within the forum.
3) All parties who feel aggrieved by any statements within the forum have free opportunities to provide a rebuttal to those statements within the forum
4) Parties who feel aggrieved by statements within the forum are also free to contact the webmaster/admin directly and provide justification as to why they believe content to be libellous. If circumstances warrant, steps will be taken to removing the offending material immediately.

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