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Post  maesi on Thu 10 Mar 2016, 3:36 pm

Snipped and edited but a couple of things I find strange about it.

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Leicestershire Police Force

Witness Statement

Amanda Jane Coxon

Date: 2nd May 2008

I am a friend of Gerry and Kate, I used to work for them and also looked after the children.
I got to know Gerry and Kate in the year 2000, I worked as a cleaner in their house in Queniborough, once a week. From the beginning they were always a very friendly couple.
During the time I worked there, Kate had her first daughter, Madeleine. Kate asked me whether I would look after Madeleine twice a week when she returned to work part time. I agreed and she would leave Madeleine at my house and come and pick her up later in the day.

Presumably Kate was working full time before Madeleine's birth and judging by Madeleine's passport which was issued in August 2003 she accompanied her parents to Holland when she was three months old. I'm surprised that Kate would return to work so soon.....................albeit only one day a week . Wouldn't this have been false economy as her Maternity Pay would have stopped the minute she was working ?

Kate, Gerry and Madeleine moved to Amsterdam for a year and when they returned Kate was pregnant with the twins. The twins were born in February 2006 and from that time I helped to look after them.

February 2006? Really?

The relationship I had with Gerry and Kate turned into friendship over the years and I consider myself to be a good friend of Kate’s. After their return from Portugal we became very close.

Kate and Gerry never mentioned having any type of problem with Madeleine.
She was well behaved, never caused her parents any problems and apparently always understood what she was told. The parents never looked tired of taking care of Madeleine.

As I said before, Madeleine was a very well behaved and lively child.

In my opinion, Kate and Gerry and the children are a happy family who enjoy having fun together. There are no words to describe what happened last year and they do not deserve to have been treated in the way they have been, by the community and by the press. They are two decent and hardworking people who are devoted to their children.

This is my statement and is true according to my understanding.

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Post  Freedom on Thu 10 Mar 2016, 3:58 pm

The 2006 date is probably just a typo.

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Post  candyfloss on Thu 10 Mar 2016, 4:06 pm

Moving this topic to the PJ Files ..

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