What were the Leicestershire Police doing in PDL on Saturday 5 May 2007?

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What were the Leicestershire Police doing in PDL on Saturday 5 May 2007? Empty What were the Leicestershire Police doing in PDL on Saturday 5 May 2007?

Post  JJ on Sun 31 May 2015, 9:56 am

What were the Leicestershire Police doing in PDL?

The Leicestershire Police arrived in PDL on Saturday 5th May 2007.  The PJ were not informed of their presence in Portugal until Monday 7th May 2007.

This is a matter of public record.

These Leicestershire Officers met with the Macs in the Macs holiday apartment on Saturday evening 5th May having no idea if the Portuguese Police regarded the Macs as witnesses or suspects.

They had no Portuguese Police Officer with them.  This breaks every policing protocol.  The Macs gave the Leicestershire Officers a list of questions and directions to give to the PJ that they, the Macs, wanted answered into what direction the investigation should take.

This also breaks every policing protocol and beggar’s belief in any investigation.

Home Office rules state, a Police Family Liaison Officer (FLO) has no power or authority to question witnesses, or officials abroad and the host country has to grant permission for the officers to be in the country.  This was granted on Monday 7th May so what were these officers doing that weekend?

Authority for operations in Portugal would need the signature and approval of the Home Secretary, John Reid and the Leicestershire Chief Constable for risk assessment and insurance purposes.  So did the British government authorise the trip and deliberately not inform Portugal?  Or are these rogue Police officers?  The answer can only be guessed at.

FLO should only be sent to assist operational needs and never to perform the role of chaperone which Kate, in her book Madeleine, states is exactly what they were doing.  As of Saturday 5th May, as Portugal had not asked for direct on the ground British police assistance in  Portugal it is reasonable to assume they were there to assist in a cover-up.

Did they really fly in Saturday 5th May, or were they already there?  Were all these lurking strangers, paedophiles ready to strike, or Police and Social Workers, gathering information?

Then on Sunday 6th May, we have Robert Murat flagged up as suspicious, by Lori Campbell who has lied to protect the misdeeds of Leicestershire Police; the proof of which is a matter of public record.  (A further detailed post to follow).

The Leicestershire officers were liaison officers, not secret service, so why did  they not deal with her suspicions and notify the PJ directly but of course that would show immediately they were breaking Portuguese law by conducting an operation without authority.
The lack of urgency by the Leics Police is either a complete dereliction of duty or they knew Madeleine was already dead.
What did they do that weekend?  They did not speak to the head of the Portuguese Police investigation, Gonçalo Amaral to inform him of their meetings with the Macs, that is for sure.

The British authorities behaved in a devious, dishonest manner, working to an agenda undermining the PJ and Dr Amaral at every opportunity.  There is evidence that the British Government and British Police actively assisted and continue to assist the Macs avoid justice, why is that?

This is not for the Macs benefit but to hide the truth of who, why and what, people were doing in PDL that week.

Will the truth of the stupidity of the Leicestershire Police and the Labour Government, ever be revealed?  A lot of it has already been revealed, thanks to  the PJ files and the power of the internet.

But one thing is for sure, Dr Amaral has been shit on from day one, by his international police colleagues.

There must be many decent police officers who know the orders they were given were a travesty  and given to hide the defects of others, its time to tell the truth .

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