Huge earthquake in Alaska prompts Tsunami warning

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Huge earthquake in Alaska prompts Tsunami warning Empty Huge earthquake in Alaska prompts Tsunami warning

Post  candyfloss on Tue 23 Jan 2018, 11:13 am

This sounds like it may be very bad...

Alaska earthquake prompts tsunami alert

A tsunami alert has been issued after a 7.9-magnitude earthquake was recorded off the coast of Alaska in the US.
It hit about 300km south-east of Kodiak at a depth of 10km at 00:31 (09:31 GMT), the US Geological Survey said.
The US National Weather Service says a warning is in effect for the coasts of British Columbia and Alaska, while the US west coast is on tsunami watch.
Officials in Anchorage warned coastal areas, saying there was "extraordinary threat to life or property".
The alert told people to seek refuge on higher ground in affected areas.

The NWS Pacific Tsunami Warning Center said that, based on the preliminary earthquake parameters, "widespread hazardous tsunami waves were possible".

Hawaii has also been placed on tsunami watch.
This means emergency officials and the public should prepare to take action.
Officials in Hawaii say the data so far suggests a tsunami could be destructive even though the island is far from the epicentre of the earthquake.
The authorities there are promising hourly updates to keep the public informed.
One Twitter user is reporting hearing tsunami sirens in Kodiak.
A US weatherman has tweeted about a buoy which reported a 32ft (9.7m) water rise shortly after the earthquake hit.

Maps and graph illustrations on link.

This comes just after the huge eruption of the volcano in the Phillipines affraid

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